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Residential Design

12 Listings
Explore an extensive selection of exquisite décor options specifically tailored for residential settings
3 Listings

Commercial design

3 Listings
Commercial design is focused on creating interior spaces that are functional, efficient, and visually appealing for businesses and organizations.
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Design consulting

3 Listings
Design consulting involves providing expert advice and guidance on various aspects of interior design, such as space planning, color schemes, furniture selection, and décor.

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Company: White pearl interiors
Experience: 10 years
Projects Completed: 15
Serves: Residential
Speaks: English (US), Hindi, Telugu


Experience: 13 years
Projects Completed: 100
Serves: Design Consulting, Hospitality, Project management
Speaks: English (US), Gujrati, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi

Magesh Babu.p

Company: Mageshinterior
Experience: 13 years
Projects Completed: 10
Serves: Commercial, Residential
Speaks: English (IN), Tamil, Telugu

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    Finding the right interior designer for your home or office can be a daunting task. With so many designers out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. However, with some careful research and consideration, you can find the perfect designer to bring your vision to life. In this blog post, we will…

  • Top home office ideas

    With more and more people working remotely, home offices have become a necessity rather than a luxury. If you’re looking to create a functional and inspiring home office, there are countless ideas to explore. In this blog, we’ll share some of the top home office ideas to help you create a space that is both…

  • Corporate Interior Design

    Corporate interior design plays a significant role in shaping the image and identity of a business. It is more than just designing an office space; it is about creating a comfortable and inspiring environment that enhances employee productivity, reflects a brand’s values and culture, and creates a positive impression on clients and visitors. In this…

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